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Zagreb Classic: Heavenly Sounds Under Open Skies

The most magical nights are summer nights. Starry skies, warm evenings, and beautiful ambiance are perfect for a memorable summer in the city. If you add to that a little music, you get the Zagreb Classic. Keep on reading to find out more about this unique festival!

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Zagreb from a Green Perspective

While you may think your small efforts do not affect the environment, they do. That's why more and more Zagrebians are changing their habits towards more sustainable ones. This blog post gives you a list of fun things that make Zagreb a more environment-friendly city!

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The Sweet Taste of Zagreb

There is no better way to cool down on a hot day than by eating ice cream. This summer refreshment will excite your taste buds, so try the best ones that Zagreb has to offer. This is why we are giving you a list of ice creams that are a must-try if you find yourself in Zagreb.

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Celebrating the Notes of Summer: A Guide to the Zagreb Music Scene

The sun is out, and all the music concerts & festivals we've been waiting for are here! This blogpost brings you all the exciting events to attend around the city, if you want to get your groove on.

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Born in Zagreb: A Town Fairytale

Are you always on the lookout for new hangout spots to visit with your kids? In this blogpost, we bring you a slightly different, yet memorable idea to try.

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Festival of Lights Zagreb: A Way to Glimmer Through the City

The opportunities to discover everything Zagreb has to offer are truly endless. If you're looking for a fun and exciting way to experience this city in a different light, this blogpost is for you!

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What's Brewing in Zagreb? The Best Hidden Gems Where You Can Enjoy Craft Beer

If you're a craft beer lover, you've probably wondered where is the best place to indulge in a cold, crisp pint? Search no more because, in this blog, we are introducing you to Zagreb's finest breweries for you to explore!

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Memorable Zagreb Souvenirs by History and Taste

Finding the perfect souvenir is not always easy, but it's certainly more fun when they are shaped as delicious treats! In this blogpost, we bring you Zagreb's most delicate and tastiest sweets that capture all of its history!

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Digital Nomad Jolly WrapUp is the Place to Be!

If you want to experience everything Zagreb has to offer in the great company of digital nomads from countries worldwide, we have the perfect event! This blogpost introduces you to the Digital Nomad Jolly WrapUp and all the reasons to attend!

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Advent in Zagreb - Going Back To Your Childhood

This year, Advent will take us back to different times, in the most beautiful way possible, through a reunion with our dearest childhood friends - toys. Grab your favourite toy and go back in time.

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