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Presummer vibes: Festivals that will prepare you for the joy of summer

I hope you are as tired of rain and grey weather as I am, because, luckily, only good weather, good vibes, and a handful of events to visit this June are waiting for us.

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Feel the Zagreb Vibe - Visit Cest Is D Best 2023

One of Croatia's most eagerly awaited street festivals, Cest is d Best, is right around the corner! If you've already had the chance to visit Zagreb's colorful streets at this time, you know what I'm talking about. However, if you have not visited this festival yet, here is why you should visit it this year.

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Festival of Lights 2023

A Journey Into The World Of Lights

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In Street Art Zagreb's shoes: From Baby Steps To Giant Leaps

Have you noticed the increase in murals in Zagreb lately? The Zagreb street art scene has grown significantly in the last few years- everywhere you turn/look there is a mural with an interesting story. Some like it, others not so much. Some of the murals are incredible and inspiring, while others are not. Still, street art is growing in popularity and giving Zagreb a spark of uniqueness. Most European cities are becoming giant museums, and Zagreb is no exception.

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Loud And Proud In Football: Be Proud Center

Have you watched the 2022 World Cup? If you are a passionate football fan you have probably been glued to the TV for every game. You have also probably noticed Croatia, a small country that has surprisingly climbed up the football ranks and won third place in Qatar. Croatia is a small country, but with a big love for football. We can call ourselves passionate football lovers.

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Do you want to experience the 80s? Visit the New Wave Museum

When we first hear the word museum, we usually think of the traditional concept of looking at pieces of historical, cultural, artistic or scientific importance. However, we now see a rise in new types of museums. Museums that offer interaction, besides the art displays. For example, in Zagreb, at Vlaška 67, close to the famous Jelačić square, you can visit the Museum of the New wave. The museum opened its door for the very first time in November this year. 

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Advent in Zagreb - Why is it magical?

It's official! Advent in Zagreb has started, and it is as magical as always. Everyone is talking about it. Zagrebians are leaving their warm homes and gathering in the streets. People from nearby towns and all over the world are coming to experience its magic. CNN, The Mirror, Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Independent have all been buzzing about Advent in Zagreb, ranking it as one of the must-see locations this year. After all, Zagreb has been voted the best Christmas fair in Europe three years in a row. You are probably wondering, what is all the fuss about? What is so special about Advent in Zagreb?

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Zagreb: A Dog-Friendly Town

If you are lost for ideas on where you can spend time with your pet, and you are tired of your usual spots, don't worry; here is some great news!

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Artupuncture – Zagreb Art Therapy

Different in every moment, and always on the move, Zagreb is known for its unique atmosphere and positive energy. In September, an interesting project left a significant impression, with unusual exhibitions throughout the city's streets.

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Old Pilot's - Zagrebian Craft Gin Distillery

Are you always looking for new and exciting drinks? If so, get your taste buds ready! We're introducing you to a small Zagrebian craft gin distillery, with a story about flying, friendship, and devotion.

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