Untold Stories

Grasping the Moho Greatness

This year, Croatia marks the 165th anniversary of Andrija Mohorovičić's birth, so it seems like a good idea to dedicate an entire blog post to him. After all, he was one of the greatest Croatian minds.

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Courtyards featured in Courtyards

When you mention dvorišta (Croatian for courtyards), most Zagreb locals will immediately think of the event of the same name. The word has become a synonym for the good times spent in the Upper Town area on July nights.

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Historical Celebs of Jurjevska Street

There is something about Jurjevska street in the Upper town district. If you take a walk through the winding street on a quiet day, you can feel the ethereal spirit of old. I am sure we owe a part of the atmosphere to the many unusual personalities who lived here. Let me introduce you to at least some of them.

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Bestiary of Zagreb

The other day, I got caught up in the thoughts of all the curious residents of Zagreb. Suddenly, I started thinking about the strangest creatures spotted around here. First, I remembered Zagi, a blue squirrel with a rainbow tail, the iconic mascot of the 1987 world university games in Zagreb. I’m not sure if this is true, but they say that an actual squirrel burst through the artist's studio while he was working on the mascot. When he saw the poor thing covered in paint, he used it as an inspiration.

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Heartshaped Souvenir

People often ask me if there is any typical souvenir from Zagreb. The answer could not be any easier. Oh, yes. There is a simple yet unique souvenir in this region of Croatia. Even better - it’s usually shaped like a heart. Doesn't that make it a wonderful gift for your loved ones back home?

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Creeky Tkalča

There is a street in Zagreb where a winding creek turned into a river of people. Why don’t we visit it together? Or should I use the local invite: Idemo u Tkalču - Let’s go to Tkalča!

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Zagreb in Bloom

Spring is in its full bloom, and so is Zagreb! The spring months bring a special joy to the Zagreb locals, thanks to the variety of flowers around the town. It all culminates in May as the parks are most colorful.

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Zagreb Book Buzz

Debates, social influence, and creative forces of Croatian writers, who started gathering in Zagreb cafes and bars in the 1800s, are still buzzing through the streets of the city.

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Park Grič

Parks are usually not associated with medieval towns. Well, Park Grič is a wonderful exception - a green oasis within the medieval part of Zagreb.

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Botanical Garden - Where Spring Comes First

With the first blossoming trees and the warming Sun rays, the residents of Zagreb get an overwhelming desire to get infused in the greenery of their beautiful parks. One of their first choices is the Botanical Garden.

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