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5 special treats of Novi Zagreb

As promised in the previous article, we are staying on the south bank of river Sava for yet another post about Novi Zagreb area. The recent article was about the must-sees, and now is the time for my choice of special treats that you might like to visit.

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5 things to see in Novi Zagreb

With this article, we are taking you across the river Sava to the area of Novi Zagreb (New Zagreb). Explore it with the help of these recommendations for must-see places!

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Welcome to the playful shade of Krešimirac Park

We all tend to admire historical parks. The older they are, our appreciation grows stronger. Now, what if I told you that one of the most notable parks in Zagreb is only 85 years old? This youngster is unique for many reasons. Why not take a look at some of its prominent features?

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Happy write-day!

Croatian writers’ anniversaries

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Rokov perivoj - sense of overwhelming serenity

This text is for all of you flaneurs, to answer the questions that arise when you discover the lovely Rokov perivoj (St Roch’s Park). This is not an invitation to search for the spot. You will really enjoy it only if you stumble upon it. There’s nothing sensational about it at first glance, so if you hurry up to go there only to check it off of your list, it could even disappoint you. But if you are wandering around the town, it will be your perfect discovery.

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A walk in the company of whales and historical rebels

Widespread on the north side of Zagreb, mount Medvednica holds the city in its arms, her green slopes resembling a warm embrace that keeps us all safe. Watching from a distance, you can still easily spot a massive pale shape that interrupts the greenery of the forest. It’s the fortress of Medvedgrad watching down at the city from its heights.

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Which tram do I take?

Is there a scenic tram line that I could take? That's a question I get asked by tourists a lot. You are in Zagreb, the perfect town for wandering. If you hop on any tram, you will reach some curious sites, distant neighborhoods, and the real city.

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Coming to a cinema near you past Aprils

Spring has arrived, and most of the trees have put on a green crown back on. I don’t know about you, but the beginning of spring always messes with my mind. As it carries the scent of flowers, the spring breeze makes cuts in my productivity but brings a ton of new ideas. Is it like that everywhere, or could this be the effect of Zagreb in spring?

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Doors of the Lower Town

Every time we pass through a physical door, something unknown is bound to happen. Doors can be symbolic, intriguing, or simply eye-capturing. Let us wander the streets of Zagreb, and search for some pretty entrances. Just like we did in the previous years, remember?

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23 Things to Do in Zagreb in ‘23

To kick off this year, I prepared a list of 23 Things to Do in Zagreb in 2023. Expand it, or shrink it, use it over the course of a year or in a single day. Hopefully, you will find some inspiration in it, and by the end of the year, we can check our scores!

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