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Looking in Other Types of Sightseeing: Zagreb From Above

We'll probably never fly exactly like birds, but I think it's safe to say that these means of traveling skies are also amazing, if not better. Wouldn't you agree?

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Much More Than Just a Souvenir: Useful Items to Remember Zagreb By

Are you one of those people who always like to bring something back from their trip? A souvenir can be almost anything. Its main purpose is to remind you of the good time you had on your holiday, or maybe even a business trip.

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A Driver's Guide: How to Avoid a Gridlock in Zagreb

If you choose to take that brave step and drive around town in your own car, your friend's car, or in a rental, there are a couple of things you should know.

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Vintage Photo Studio: Your Grandma isn't the Only One With the Cool Vintage Photo Anymore

One of my strongest memories from my childhood are the framed photographs my grandma and grandpa had on top of the dresser in their old house. The photographs from Vintage Photo Souvenir make great memories regardless of your age or the group you came with to take the photo.

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Zagreb University - A Student Guide Through the City

The old saying goes: "The student days are the most beautiful ones." And, the Zagreb is a city which confirms that popular opinion.

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Zagreb Taxi Guide: More Than Just a Means of Transport from Point A to Point B

Sometimes, people tend to think that cab drivers like to cheat tourists and amp the prices of their rides. I must say, I've never heard that something similar happened in Zagreb. You can always turn on a map application to see the closest route from your destination to your location and if a driver is following it.

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When nature calls: You gotta go when you gotta go

Being a well mannered lady or a gentleman that you are, you aren't even thinking of going into a restaurant or in a bar where you don't plan on ordering something or staying.

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Golfing in Zagreb: A Hole in One When You Want to Have Some Fun

Croatia, in general, is a sporty country. I can't think of any other country with more than 4 million people and so many first-class trophies from all kinds of sports. But still, there are some sports which entered into our culture, and others didn't quite.

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Streets are the Arteries of a City! Meet Some Special Ones in Zagreb

The skyscraper establishes the block, the block creates the street, the street offers itself to a man. - Roland Barthes

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Mirogoj Cemetery: The Peaceful Oasis as an Eternal Home for Zagrebians

While driving in my school bus, I got the best impression of how big Mirogoj is. The first thing I saw during that ride was the crematorium whose pyramid on the rooftop always reminded me of the pyramid of the Louvre museum.

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