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Vintage Photo Studio: Your Grandma isn't the Only One With the Cool Vintage Photo Anymore

One of my strongest memories from my childhood are the framed photographs my grandma and grandpa had on top of the dresser in their old house. The photographs from Vintage Photo Souvenir make great memories regardless of your age or the group you came with to take the photo.

One of my strongest childhood memories are the framed photographs my grandma and grandpa had on top of the dresser in their old house. Those were the photographs of them, and of my father, who looked just like me. He was about ten years old, and I was too at the time, so that doesn't come as a big surprise. The funny thing is that looks weren't the thing differentiating us. Instead, it was the clothes and the fact that those photos were black and white. Now, I'm sure that you have a similar memory from your childhood period. It was pretty common to hold your framed photographs on a wall or a nightstand. "Look at your grandmother. She was so beautiful." Often heard sentences in this kind of situation. Generally followed by your grandad's story: "This was me when I was in.... I was the best in..." 

Photo Credit: Vintage Photo Souvenir

Sounds familiar? Well, I'm sure it does. The more important question here is, have you ever wanted a photo like that? If the answer's "yes," it's your lucky day. Zagreb has just the place for that. 

You Want it? You Got it!

A time travel through carefully designed photographs is provided by a small photo studio in Tkalčićeva 7 - Vintage Photo Souvenir. Although the members of the fairer gender will probably be charmed by the lavish dresses from the studio, everyone will, I'm sure, find something for themselves. The photo from the Vintage Photo Souvenir is an excellent idea for a present or even for a prank on a friend if you're creative and inventive enough. 

Photo Credit: Vintage Photo Souvenir

I Come for The Fashion

Although some people would take their photo in Vintage Photo Souvenir just because they find it cute and cool, I'm sure there are lots of people who absolutely adore the fashion choices of some past times. There is an ongoing discussion of which fashion period is the nicest one. I'm sure some women would like to try on corsets or crinolines. And I always wanted to know how you keep a monocle on your eye, or how it is to pose with a cane. The shop has those, and a lot more of the fashion accessories of some past times. Extravagant dresses and slick suits will make you a real dandy in no time. 

Photo Credit: Vintage Photo Souvenir

Vintage Photo Souvenir about Themselves

I asked the very pleasant and helpful people from the studio to share some words about themselves with me. They gladly answered: "Vintage Photo Souvenir is a studio where each person can travel back in time, and find themselves in a past time. Our studio isn't offering just a long-lasting memory in the shape of a photograph, but also a unique experience of spending the time together, having fun and taking the photo. This kind of event is a connection with some past times when having your picture taken was a special, important event for the whole family."

Photo Credit: Vintage Photo Souvenir

There are currently around 20 costumes at your disposal from different historical periods, and of course, in various sizes. All of the costumes are adjustable so that you can wear them over your clothes. There isn't any need to take them off before putting your costume on. 

Things You Should Know

As I already wrote, the studio can be found at the address Tkalčićeva 7, and it's open from Tuesday to Sunday from 12 p.m. until 10 p.m. So be sure you don't come on Monday, any other day is just great. The price of your photo will depend on the number of people on the photograph. You will get your A4 format photo in a passe-partout on the spot, and if you want, they will send you a copy to your e-mail address as well. The studio accepts walk-ins, but it's probably the best to make an appointment because of the significant interest, so you wouldn't have to wait your turn to have the photo taken. 

Photo Credit: Vintage Photo Souvenir

After just a couple of minutes of dressing up, you will have your photograph ready. Unlike the photos of our grandfathers and relatives, you don't have to be serious during the shooting. Most of the people decide on serious faces to add to the authenticity of the photo, but that's entirely up to you. The photographs from Vintage Photo Souvenir make great memories regardless of your age or the group you came with to take the photo. Older people come with their grandchildren to take their photographs in sailor suits, just like they once did. Families come to make a timeless memory for everyone, and couples are also not odd customers when they want to make a romantic souvenir. All in all, people are usually surprised at how great they look in vintage clothes. I'm sure you would also. 

So, if you're in Zagreb, and you happen to be near Tkalčićeva street, be sure to stop by Vintage Photo Souvenir.

Header Image Credit: Vintage Photo Souvenir

Author: Tibor Trupec