Technical museum

A little piece of technical and science history in the center of Zagreb.


The Technical Museum's history began on 21 December 1954 when a decision on its establishment was made. 1959 is an important year for the museum because that is the year when it moved to its present location at Savska 18. The museum installations were made in 1948 for the Zagreb Fair. They were built out of timber and they were temporary. When the fair moved to a new location, the facilities were used for various social and sports activities, and later, they were donated to the Museum, and they are still there.

It is a general museum which means it is a complex museum of science and technology that is different from specialized technology museums that show only one area of technology.

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The museum's first departments, Energy Transformation, Transport, and Mining Resources, were open to the public in 1963, and the Oil Collection department, as well as the Astronautics with a planetarium, Nikola Tesla's demonstration room, Fundamentals of Agriculture, and Fire Departments followed. The permanent exhibition has been recently enriched with other content such as the Alley of Sculpture of major figures of Croatian science and technology displayed in the park.


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Tehnical museum today

Given the fact that the Technical Museum was founded partly with the aim of popularizing science and technology, occasional lectures are held at the Museum as a part of the panel discussions on popular science. The lecturers are renowned Croatian scientists, university professors, and engineers whose goal is primarily to popularize science. The topics include a wide range of fields of scientific research, modern technical achievements and, of course, the history of science and technology. 

The Technical Museum allows individual visitors to see the relevant departments under the expert guidance of the employees of the museum. The guided tours are not charged separately. Also, the access for disabled visitors using wheelchairs is provided in the sections on the ground floor. There is a special program on weekdays and at the weekend.

On weekdays you can:

  • Visit the mine: at 15:00
  • Visit the demonstration room "Nikola Tesla": at 15:30
  • Visit the planetarium: at 16.00

At the weekend you can:

  • Visit the mine: at 11.00
  • Visit the demonstration room "Nikola Tesla": at 11.30
  • Visit the planetarium: 12.00

The ticket price is just 20 kunas and 15 kunas for the planetarium. The best way to come to the museum is by the tram lines: 3, 4, 9, 12, 13, 14, 17. Address is Savska 18. 

So, if you are interested in science and technology, you should definitely visit this museum.


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Header image credit: Technical museum Facebook page

Author: Nina Klarin