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Welcome to the Joyful Season!

As I am walking around the town, and talking to people, I feel like the locals don't suspect what lies ahead in the upcoming weeks. They have just embraced the autumn, not even noticing the festive season is just around the corner. The famous Advent in Zagreb starts tomorrow, and it's going to be larger than ever.

This year, it takes place from the 26th of November to the 7th of January. It all starts on Saturday the 26th at 4.30 pm when the first candle of the Christmas wreath is lit. Another great moment of the opening day is at 7.30 pm at Zrinjevac park, as thousands of bulbs will immerse the park in the magical veil of light. 

The shiny lights of Zrinjevac park are visible even during the day

The city is quietly being decorated these days, the skating rink is being built, and the squares are getting ready for the festive days. You can definitely feel the anticipation in the air. It seems that everyone misses the busy atmosphere of the city in the weeks before Christmas. Thanks to the lockdowns and humble festival editions of the two past years, the locals realized just how much the award-winning Advent in Zagreb grew on them. I think the whole world longs for the Christmastide mingle, and we want it as merry as can be. The desire is about to be fulfilled for anyone who comes to Zagreb, as the joyful season is about to start! 

What will be the best place to hang out with your friends this Advent in Zagreb? We still don’t know, but we’ll sure try out all of them

Even if they long for it, the locals are not fully aware it’s about to kick off this Saturday! That soon! And they don’t understand how many people chose Zagreb for their end-of-the-year holidays. All of us in the tourism business already know that people from all over the world will be coming. We hope that together, we can all make the city live up to their expectations. 

Everything seems to be aligning well to make Zagreb the perfect destination. For instance, we rarely get snow in December. This year, the long-term forecast suggests there could be several snowy days! In fact, this year’s first snow already covered Zagreb mountain, so there’s a good chance we will all be able to experience white Christmas, at least up in the hills. 

Photo capture: Winter has already visited Zagreb mountain

The full program of Advent in Zagreb is already published. Make sure to check it, so you don’t miss some gems that happen during your visit. 

Each square between the central train station and the main square will have its own little festivity with a special theme and atmosphere. The historical Upper Town area will be the host to the festival locations with the best view. Many institutions and museums are joining in with some creative additions to the program. Smaller contributions, such as classical concerts in historical palaces or at the balconies, themed tours, and Christmas caroling with the lamp-lighter, will add charm to the season. All of that is just a part of the big puzzle that turns the entire city into a place to be this holiday season. Did I mention I can't wait?

Welcome to the most joyful season in Zagreb!

Photo capture: Last year’s advent wreath at the main city square. The festivities start here with the lighting of the first candle


Header image credit: Iva Silla

Author: Iva Silla