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Spending Quality Time with Your Children: How to Entertain Your Kids in Zagreb

Colder time of the year is perfect for kids. There's snow outside, and they can go sledding and snowballing. But what to do when the snow melts, and it's still cold outside? A lot, actually.

When remembering the time when I was a kid, I always think of all the places my parents took me to. Just as I've already said in my other blog, memories are the main thing we hold on to when we think about our childhood. What is then a better way of creating good memories for your child than through the things they experience? I guess it's a bit of a challenge for me, to write about all of the events for kids since it's been such a long time since I've been one. Let's cut to the chase, if you're from Zagreb, and you're looking to set up a good time for your kid(s), or you're bringing them along on your travels to our capital, this is the blog for you. The holiday season was booming with activities and places you could take your children to. Luckily for everyone, Zagreb is a child-friendly city, and there isn't a single time during the year when Zagreb isn't offering something for the youngest ones. 

I'm an advocate of the opinion that children should play outside as much as possible. The only problem with that is the low temperatures during this time of the year. Sure, you can go out sledding and snowballing, but what to do when the snow melts, and it's still cold outside? A lot, actually. 

Broadening horizons with a breadboard

Photo Credit: Zvonko Cebalo/Backo Mini Express

I've always liked breadboards. Whenever I found myself in some hotel or a tourist office of some kind, the most exciting thing for me was to examine the breadboard really carefully. How can you not find those small models of trees, cars, people and other stuff interesting? Also, the higher the level of detail, the better the breadboard. I've always wanted to have one in my room. Unfortunately, I've never had enough talent to build one on my own. If you share my enthusiasm towards breadboards, and even more so, if your kid does as well, you shouldn't miss visiting Backo mini express, a breadboard considered to be the biggest one in southeastern Europe. It took the Backo Mini Express team six full years to build the breadboard that's located at Gundulićeva 4. It consists of 150 locomotives and 1,000 carriages, 1,050 meters of train tracks with 300 switches and crossings, but the most exciting part for me is most certainly around 2,500 small details from real life. The best part of the Backo Mini Express is also a small store where you can buy a starter kit for breadboarding. The important thing I should point out for Backo Mini Express is that if you're planning a group visit, you should contact them first via e-mail:, and arrange a group visit. 

Zvonko Cebalo/Backo Mini Express

When organizations organize 

Photo Credit: Karmen Đerek/ Udruga Praktikum

Although I've already mentioned Meeple's corner in one of my previous blogs, I've never suggested that it's also a perfectly good place to bring your children along as well. Meeple's corner and the association "Igranje," in general, are encouraging the development of love towards board games, and they will always find something appropriate for your children's age. The association  "Igranje" is not the only one with the activities for children during the cold winter. You can always look in the direction of the association called "Vestigium". They are experts in making your kids move to the music as they organize dance workshops for the little ones. If your children aren't big fans of dancing, which is entirely possible, you should be able to find something else suitable for them if you knock on doors of the association "Praktikum." Their general goal is to improve the lives and skills of children and youth. Besides the art classes, dancing, and acting, "Praktikum" will occupy your children with filming, editing and directing movies, as well as help them learn the school subjects they find challenging in a fun and exciting way. 

Photo Credit: Karmen Đerek/ Udruga Praktikum

A book a day keeps the boredom away

Photo Credit: Dunja Sorokin/KGZ Sloboština

If you manage to develop a reading habit in your kid, you've done him/her a great favor for later in life. Knowledge is power, and although we don't understand that fact while we're kids, we probably will later in life. What better way to come close to that goal than through playtime, of course. The libraries of Zagreb are also pretty aware of that, and that's why they organize a sort of educational workshops where your kid will learn and have a blast doing it. For instance, the Sloboština library is continuously conducting pedagogical and animation activities for children throughout the school year. Their programme is based on a four day planned schedule where the children will get the opportunity to do things like improving their reading, try drama group or painting, and they can participate in a unique R.E.A.D. program. If you're interested,  you can find out more on their website. Two interesting events take place in the Sloboština library. Every other Wednesday the programme of learning Spanish language & culture takes place. Also, on Fridays, you can check if you have a real Garry Kasparov on your hands since the Sloboština library also organizes basic chess lessons. 

Photo Credit: Dunja Sorokin/KGZ Sloboština

If your kids are more of gaming fans, the right place for them is the Marin Držić children's library where they can test their skills in playing PlayStation games, each day of the week except Sunday. Besides PlayStation, your kids can become members of a real book club called "Knjigotron" or they can try some other activities. You can find out more about them on their website.

Photo Credit: Ana Pavlek/Knjižnica Marina Držića

So, there you have it. Zagreb is a place filled with activities and programmes appropriate for children. The only thing left is to choose something that's most appropriate for you and for your kid. 

Photo Credit: Ana Pavlek/Knjižnica Marina Držića

Header Image Credit: Zvonko Cebalo/Backo Mini Express

Author:Tibor Trupec