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Treat your children with some of the best performances in children's theatres in Zagreb!

The Ribica Children's Theatre

The Ribica Children's Theatre is situated in one of the most beautiful parks in Zagreb, in the Youth Center "Ribnjak". It is a cultural institution which is visited every week by more than 500 children and young people who desire to express themselves through music, theater, dance or art under the careful guidance of pedagogical experts and artists with extensive experience in working with youth.

The center cooperates with the Rock Academy - the academy for popular and jazz music which provides musical education to many young users, and association whose work is related to improving the lives and interests of young people.

The Dubrava Children´s Theatre

The Dubrava Children's Theatre was founded in 1955. The founder of the theatre and its first artistic director was Mladen Širola.

From the very beginning, the theatre has participated in various festivals as an organizer and as a participant and it is the initiator and organizer of the event „Theatre Night“. Over the years, the event has grown into the European Theatre Night. Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro have joined the event.

In 1971, the local newspaper Vecernji List wrote about the Dubrava Children's Theatre as one of the truly rare places where you can have fun and relax, even for the youngest fans of drama and dance, future music stars. The same enthusiasm, which has remained to this day, can be seen in every new show for children that is played in the theater.


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The Trešnja Municipal Theatre

The Trešnja Municipal Theatre exists for over fifty years. The first play that was performed was "Little Red Riding Hood" directed by Nada Kubinek.

Every theatre season, by carefully choosing titles and directors, generates new plays that have educational mission as well as a mission to create joyful events for children, taking them on a magical journey that encourages imagination and creativity.

The theatre ensemble consists of the most sought after actors in Croatia and performances are created by the top directors like Dora Ruždjak Podolski and Rene Medvešek. We have to mention the play "Beauty and the Beast" that has had a great success with the audience and theater critics and has put the Trešnja Municipal Theatre on a long list of world cities in which the performance has broken box-office records.


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The Žar Ptica Municipal Theatre

The Žar Ptica Municipal Theatre is a respectable theatre for children and young people in Croatia and beyond, and the founder of „Naj, naj, naj“ festival.

The festival was founded in 2001 with the idea to present the very best productions of Croatian professional theatres for children to the young Zagreb audience during the spring holidays. The specialty of the festival is that all performances are for free, enabling the children to spend their spring holidays enjoying the very best the theatres can offer. This way they fall in love with the theater on a lifelong basis.

This year the Žar Ptica Municipal Theatre organizes 15th International „Naj, naj, naj“ festival from March 27th till April 1st, 2015. Come and enjoy all the performances!


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The Zagreb Puppet Theatre

The Zagreb Puppet Theatre was founded on February 6, 1948. With an undeniable contribution to promoting the art of puppetry, the Zagreb Puppet Theatre has an extremely important function in the aesthetic and moral education of young generations, and its close cooperation with kindergartens, schools and educational authorities adds a special dimension to the activities of this theater in the social life of the City of Zagreb and Croatian as well. In the Zagreb Puppet Theatre, you can enjoy excellent puppet shows such as "Bambi" and "The Wizard of Oz".


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The Zagreb Youth Theatre 

The Zagreb Youth Theatre is located in Teslina 7, in the very center of the city of Zagreb. The ZYT is a part of the multimedia youth centre, together with Radio 101, Youth television, and several popular places for the Zagreb youth gatherings. As one of the oldest theatres of this kind, it is considered to be the cradle of the Croatian theatre.

When it comes to the repertoire, the ZYT is a very specific theatre since the ensemble has performed with equal success both children’s plays and highly artistic performances of Croatian and world literature for the most demanding audiences. Famous plays directed by famous directors, carefully and in a contemporary manner arranged program wich has greatly enriched the cultural content that Zagreb can offer to the public eye, are just some of the reasons why the ZYT constantly draws and thrills audiences of all generations. Over the last few years, the ZYT has received 50 awards at the national and international theatre festivals in Brussels, Berlin, Freiburg, Nitra, Moscow, Heidelberg, ...


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Author: Maja Fistrić