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Zagreb Running: A Good Laugh and a Long Run are the Life's Best Medicine

Believe it or not, a lot of people who once hated running, and were probably avoiding a P.E. class in high school, take up running as a recreational activity, and they like it a lot. Some even become addicted to it.

Reflecting back on my school days, when I couldn't wait to have a P.E. class, and to play football, I also remember there were a lot of people in my class who could come up with all sorts of imaginative, creative, and generally new ways of evading getting a bit sweaty, let alone a P.E. class. I'm sure you had a couple of people in your class who match the description. As a matter of fact, you might've been such a person yourself. Well, believe it or not, a lot of those people take up running today as a recreational activity, some even become addicted to it. 

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Another point on the matter is, I remember going to the gym regularly, for three years straight, and it was always kind of funny to see how the number of the people coming to the gym changed as the seasons changed. As the summer was approaching, as it is now, more and more people started coming to the gym. I reckon it's the same thing with running. Besides becoming popular during this part of the year, it's becoming more popular over the last couple of years as well.  

Running Schools

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As the popularity of running grew, so did the demand for running schools. "But why do I need a running school? I know how to run, for god sakes!", you might think. But the thing is, there's more to it than meets the eye. If you pass by a park or a lake in Zagreb, you'll undoubtedly see a group of people running together. That will most probably be a group from a running school. And when it comes to running, there are all sorts of small details and tips which should make the running more straightforward and more beneficial to your health. Everything from nutrition and breathing to when is the best time to go for a run. There's an increasing number of running schools in Zagreb, and these are just some of them. If I understood correctly, the first and subsequently, the oldest running school in Zagreb is called Trčaona. It was founded in 2007. They are basically a part of an organization "Aktivan Život," which would translate to "Active life," an organization with the mission to popularize recreational running in Croatia. The organization "Aktivan Život" is preparing a special night marathon through Zagreb each year, called "Noćni Cener" (The night number ten) held traditionally in November. Besides running, they hike on Medvednica mountain each weekend for an even more significant challenge. You can quickly become their member with a monthly subscription, regardless of your fitness level. They also have a special group for the third age. 

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Another school with groups for different fitness levels is Omega running school. But that's not the information that makes them unique. What does make them unique is a printed guide for the most prominent running races and marathons in Croatia and the region. It's published once a year on four different languages, and it's free. Omega running school chose three beautiful locations for their training: Jarun, Maksimir, and the Sava dam. They are the organizers of "Proljetni cener" as well, and they've said they have seven hundred runners so far. No limit has been set.
There are more running schools in Zagreb. As I mentioned, their number is growing as well as the interest in this healthy habit, and a recreational sport. Some of the more significant ones are "Atletski klub Forca,, Atletski klub Sljeme and Altis running school

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Races, marathons & more

As the running school is growing in its popularity, so are the street and other races in Zagreb. There are around ten races each month that were announced so far, and there's about 10 of them announced in Zagreb by the end of the year. One of the first races coming up is "Noćna 10ka", the summer version "Noćni" or "Proljetni" cener. All those races share similar names because of their running length. One of the tracks with an unusual name as well is the race called "Mlječna staza" (Milky Way). The competition will be held in September, and it's special because of its beneficial character. This year's race is dedicated to improved care for mothers and babies in maternity wards across Croatia. If you're planning to get ready for a race, or even better, if you're already prepared for a clash with other runners in Zagreb, I suggest you look up the schedule of upcoming races Here

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I could go miles about this topic, but I will leave that to the runners. Hop into your running shoes, tie the laces tight, and get ready for a run. :)


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Author: Tibor Trupec