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Okolo//Around: An Artistic Project Which We Can't Get Enough Of

This unique project turns every walk in the very center of the city into a small artistic exploration of Zagreb.

If you ask a Zagrebian living in Zagreb all his life, he might say there's not much to see in Zagreb. But I (as another Zagrebian, living here all my life) would strongly disagree. I rather think it's a case of being used to seeing all the historical sights in Zagreb, that are, in substance, really unusual. Ana Mikin and Tina Kovačićek who are working together under the name "Nas Dve (Us Two)" organized the event called "Okolo//Around." They've recognized the beauty that's hidden from the view of its usual observer. Not only have they appreciated the beauty of Zagreb, but they've also deemed it a perfect scene for organizing this event. I couldn't wait for it to start. Although I'm an enormous fan of traveling, I'm always going back to Zagreb, and it's incredible sights. And now, in such a short time, there was a lot more to see...

Photo Credit:Borut Planinc/Okolo//Around

All Around Zagreb

The other half of August was dedicated precisely to that. Enjoying that beautifulness Zagreb has to offer right there, in its hidden streets, forgotten passages, park treetops, and Upper Town nooks and crannies. But why did I enjoy them specifically then, in the second part of August, you may ask? Well, because it was the period when there were unique things to be seen here. What were those things? They were various works of art you could encounter spontaneously on the streets of Zagreb. Okolo//Around was not just another street art festival. Besides domestic artists, our capital was the host to internationally renowned French, Spanish, and Australian artists who enlivened various Zagreb sites.

Photo Credit:Borut Planinc/Okolo//Around

A Great Way to Round Up Your Summer

Last year, in cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board, the first run of the Artistic Project "Around" took place. Small interventions into the very city enlivened public city spaces: Red carpet to Upper Town, new kumica on the stairs towards Dolac, colorful characters playing with urban elements, and plants that play music on touch. These were just some of the exciting interventions that delighted citizens and tourists alike. Some of them still exist, and I can't help to think they add that special something to our city. 

Photo Credit:Borut Planinc/Okolo//Around


This year, to my endless joy, everything was happening again. Better, bigger, and more international. The event ended a couple of days ago. So, because I was just back from my holiday after my summer leave, I couldn't think of a better way to accommodate to Zagreb and working routine again. I hope that everybody who traveled to Croatia this summer ended their trip in Zagreb to see all the cool works of art.

Photo Credit:Borut Planinc/Okolo//Around

Second Time Around 

Photo Credit: Michele Kubaček/Okolo//Around

Over twenty-five sites in Zagreb's very center were turned into places where art spontaneously touched the city's everyday life. Artists with various artistic expressions created urban interventions to point out the beauty and the potential of well known or some forgotten public spaces. That includes art installations, urban green design, street art, interactive design, and photography. The artistic interventions were mapping out all of the sites into a unique walk around the city, which I enjoyed. I enjoyed it so much I didn't mind the heat, guess I just forgot about it. The thing that surprised me was the places where I found a "piece of art," and the fact that some works even made me laugh.  

Photo Credit:Borut Planinc/Okolo//Around

Foreign Artists Came Round to Zagreb

Together with a dozen of Croatian artists, this year some world-renowned names left their trace in Zagreb. French couple Ella & Pitr, known in international street art circles by their over-dimensional caricature characters, created their works of art all over the world. In cities such as Rotterdam, Mumbai, Paris, Rome, Montreal, Chicago and Munich, and now, they've come to Zagreb. Spanish artist Javier Riera, one of the masters for landscape light installations came as well. He always chooses the places for creating his projections very carefully, using the nature that's already there, and making it into something unseen before. Australian Michael Pederson conquered global public with his humorous street miniatures staged at unexpected places, making everyday life events and situations extraordinary, and funny. His work is what I liked the most about this year's event. 

Photo Credit:Borut Planinc/Okolo//Around

See You Around

Martina Bienefeld, the Managing Director of the Zagreb Tourist Board, described the event in her own words. Her words made a perfect invitation for you to explore all the artistic interventions this year's event had to offer: "This unique project turns every walk in the very center of the city into a small artistic exploration of Zagreb. A number of urban interventions that will "sprout" during August from Upper Town to the Main Train Station combine street art and both domestic and international creatives, offering an exceptional experience to all the visitors of city public spaces." If all of this is not enough to convince you to visit the event next year, just imagine how many cool photos for Instagram you could have made. Now, I have nothing more to add, than: See you Around!

Photo Credit:Borut Planinc/Okolo//Around

Header Image Credit: Borut Planinc/Okolo//Around

Author: Tibor Trupec