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Little Street Festival with Big Heart

Are you longing for a weekend getaway? Here’s an idea: stop by Stubičke Toplice and have fun at Mali Ulični Festival – MUF (Little Street Festival).

Are you longing for a weekend getaway? Even though Zagreb offers plenty of fun activities you can do throughout the year, it’s nice every once in a while to escape the city and charge your batteries. Luckily for you, Croatian capital is very well connected with the rest of the country, so in a matter of hours, you can discover other gems of Croatia. However, if you’re looking for a destination relatively close to Zagreb, here’s an idea: stop by Stubičke Toplice and have fun at Mali Ulični Festival – MUF (Little Street Festival).

Little Street Festival with loads of music

Since both sides of my family are from Zagorje, I feel very drawn to that county, even though I wasn’t brought up there. Still, some of my fondest childhood memories are trips to Zagorje to visit family members who still live there, seeing birth houses of my grandparents and discovering small villages with amazing traditional food that Zagorje has to offer. It is a truly magnificent place, and I am proud that my ancestors originate from there. More importantly, I am thrilled to see that this region of Croatia is more vibrant and lively with each passing year. The number of tourists is growing by the day as more people are starting to discover this green and picturesque county only half an hour drive from Zagreb.

Image Credit: Mali Ulični Festival

Aside from ethno-houses and traditional tourist offer in rural parts of Zagorje, you can find amazing things to do in the cities of Zagorje, as well. For example, last year I attended the first ever street festival in the Zagorje region, which occurred in Stubičke Toplice or Stubaki as the locals like to call their town. It’s called Mali ulični festival – MUF which translates as Little Street Festival, and due to last year’s success, it will be held this year as well from 7th June till 9th of June. In other words, the perfect time for a weekend getaway from Zagreb.

Image Credit: Mali Ulični Festival

For the grand opening, you can treat yourself and your ears with some quality rock music from one of the best Croatian bands – Pips, Chips & Videoclips. They have quite a unique sound, very poetic lyrics and they have been active on the Croatian rock scene since the early 90s. If rock isn’t your thing, then wait till you see what Stubaki organized for Saturday – Soulfingers. Other veterans of Croatian music since the early 90s, but their songs are a combination of funk and soul genres with really easy going and relaxing vibes. Personally, I’m not sure which of these bands I’m more excited about, so I’ll probably attend both concerts because why not? 

The last day, Sunday 9th of June, will host a concert of four amazing ladies, The Frajle. I’ve listened to them live before, and I can assure you, these women can throw a party. Put your dance shoes on – you’ll need them.

A little party never killed anybody

Being the foodie that I am, what I remember the most from last year’s MUF is a great atmosphere, and the delicious food I ate. Since the main motive of the festival is to create a harmonious blend of modern and traditional, you’ll be able to treat your taste buds to both some typical food from Zagorje region, but also modern spins to various comfort classics. Even though you can expect thematic catering such as zagorski cug, burger bar, štrukli vuglec, sparkling wine and wine bar from Zagorje county, I have no doubt everyone will be able to find the best dishes and drinks for their taste since this innovative festival combines best of both worlds.

Image Credit: Mali Ulični Festival

Once your tummy is full, you’ll be able to experience for yourself just what a great atmosphere Little Street Festival has to offer. Performances of a large number of street artists, theater performances for both adults and children, open-air cinema, creative workshops, art colonies, amusement park, and even many family farms, crafts, and old trades will participate in giving you that true feeling of Zagorje.

Image Credit: Mali Ulični Festival

If all of this convinced you to come, then let me just point out you don’t have to rent a car or even own one to get there. Zagreb’s Public Transport (ZET) offers transport with buses from Zagreb directly to Stubičke Toplice for the duration of the festival. Basically, you have no excuses to miss this one out, so go and have fun. You can thank me later. :)

Header Image Credit: Mali Ulični Festival 

Author: Paula Bračko