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Let's Go on a Trip Outside Zagreb

After a working week and a hectic life in Zagreb, I often want to go somewhere in nature and enjoy the sun and the chirping of birds. If you feel the same need, then be sure to read this article in which I bring you five top nature excursions.


Of course, it is impossible to write about the trips in nature without mentioning Sljeme and Medvednica mountain which are located above Zagreb. With its proximity and accessibility, Sljeme is one of the favourite and most frequent destinations of many Zagreb citizens. Also, the beauty of this park nature inspires me in every season and that's why this is an ideal destination for an active holiday or for relaxing. To those who decide to visit Sljeme, I recommend walking along the hiking trail, also known as 'Lustekov put'. to those who decide to visit Sljeme. It is one of the easiest paths for climbing and it is adapted to children. You can come to this point by Zagreb's public transport with tram line 15.

Enjoy the beautiful walks and discover many secrets  

An easy walk that starts at the tunnel in Gračansko dolje is ideal for sightseeing and discovering the rich history of Zagreb. Furthermore, near the railway, there is Vila Rebar that is still hiding many secrets. However, if you are not an adventurous person and not in the mood for discovering many kilometres of the long tunnel beneath the villa, you can enjoy the wonderful mountain house known as 'Adolfovac' that will be waiting for you half-way. There you can enjoy exquisite delicacies, especially the best Sljeme bean soup, and at the top, you can drink fresh water from the well and enjoy the beautiful panorama that stretches to the heart of the metropolis.


Image credit: Zagreb Tourist Board, Marko Vrdoljak 


Of course, Sljeme offers much more. So, in return, you can change the route of your trip and enjoy watching the old sanatorium Brestovac, cave Veternica, playground Bočkaj, attractive landmark Medvedgrad etc. And of course, for all of this, you do not need a guide. Without any fear, you can go up to the Medvednica mountain because all paths are marked with signs, and there are plates with natural, cultural and historical information. So good luck and enjoy!:)


Let's find out what it's like to  go paragliding

If you are for just a short trip from Zagreb, then you should certainly go to the park Žumberak – 'Samoborsko gorje' where you can stay longer and spend the night in the mountain lodges, resorts, homesteads or in the renovated old mill. Also, apart from hiking and walking, you can enjoy cycling on more than 200 kilometres of cycling paths. If you still haven't tasted the magic of paragliding, you can do it here. During the paragliding, you can enjoy the view of the steep and deep valleys through which streams flow, wooded mountain ridges with small villages. Those who are afraid of heights, and too tired to walk, can take lessons in riding a horse. Anyway, the Eco Village Žumberak has an interesting activity for everyone. The time of life is guaranteed in this popular resort.


Image credit: pixabay


Have you ever ridden a horse?

An excursion that deserves the third place on this list is the equestrian club Trajbar Team, which is located near Zapresic. The natural environment of lush greenery and trees is ideal for relaxing with friends while your children can learn to ride. And if you want to have a little more fun and test your personal skills, then you should try boxing. :)


What do you say about paintball in woods?

Only twenty minutes drive from the city centre in the direction of Vrbovac, there is a resort 'Stari Glog' that is surrounded by Prigorje villages and farmhouses, and it is ideal for those who are looking for adrenaline and fun. However, the most interesting about this place is that you can try a variety of activities such as archery, fishing on the lake or paintball in the natural beech forest on a large field that extends over ten thousand square metres. Fun and adrenaline are guaranteed as well.

Image credit: Pixabay


A small zoo near Zagreb

If you want to see deer, mouflon, wild boars, horses, ducks, geese and walk through the woods and enjoy the fresh air, you do not have to go far from Zagreb. Near Velika Gorica, in Vukomerička Gorica, you can visit 'Izletište Ključić brdo'. There is a beautiful nature, a small zoo, a playground for children, and most importantly - delicious food from local eco production.


So, do you need to think more? Let's pack the necessary things and let's go to some of the most beautiful nature parks near Zagreb. :)

Header image credit: Zagreb Tourist Board, Marko Vrdoljak

Author: Nikolina Jozanović