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Refresh Yourself and Go for a Swim: Locations in Zagreb Where You Can Be a Mermaid

Looking for a refreshing spot where you can escape the summer heat? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Summers in Croatia are hot. Very hot. If you live here, then you know what I’m talking about, and if you’re a tourist, then you’ll experience it for yourself. Whether you’re spending your vacation at the seaside or you’ve decided to explore all the urban beauties our capital city has to offer, you’ll want to refresh yourself sooner or later. The heat and humidity will break down even the biggest summer lovers. Fear not! Even though Zagreb isn’t right beside Adriatic coast, you can still go for a swim, refresh yourself and then sunbathe with a cold drink by your side. Here are my top suggestions for your escape from the summer heat-wave.


1. Jarun & Bundek


Photo Credit: TZGZ Download Zone


Zagreb doesn’t have its very own seaside, but it does have two great lakes and locals adore them. No wonder neighbourhoods around lakes are always among most popular places to live in the city. No matter which season it is, there’s always something to do there. If you’re into sports like biking or roller-skating, lakes Jarun and Bundek offer amazing nature to enjoy while riding around. If you prefer barbecuing with your friends around the camp fire, once again, you’re in for a treat. Maybe you’re more adventurous and would like to try wakeboarding? Guess what? You can at Jarun lake! If you’re into music, then why not enjoy jazz under the starry sky at Bundek? Need I go on? Didn’t think so. By now, you’ve realised just how fun and amazing both of these lakes are for spending your free time there.


Still, in summer, there’s only one thing that people prefer doing there, and that's swimming! The heat in Zagreb can sometimes be unbearable, and not everyone has time or means to head out to Adriatic coast. Luckily, Jarun and Bundek come here to the rescue. Both of these lakes have great beaches where you can sunbathe after a refreshing swim. If you prefer sleeping underneath the trees while sweet summer breeze is caressing your skin, then pick a nice place in the shades and enjoy the smell of pine cones.


Photo Credit: TZGZ Download Zone


You don’t even have to worry about showering because public showers are all around so you can wash away the sand before heading back to the city. Also, treating yourself to a nice cocktail sounds like a good plan to me, especially during hot summer days. So, check out what nearby bar has to offer.


I can’t really decide if I prefer Jarun or Bundek, so I go for a swim at both places intermittently. Let me tell you something. I’m the palest person in my family, but I get a pretty nice tan from sunbathing by Jarun and Bundek lake. A big plus in my book!


2. Rivers and lakes around Zagreb


Photo Credit: Milan Photography


Sure, Zagreb has its own river, a beating heart that goes through it, dividing it into New Zagreb and Old Zagreb. Still, the Sava isn’t suitable for swimming because the quality of water is quite poor. But hear me out. Small towns and villages around Zagreb have a lot to offer, and I don’t mean just for swimming, but touristic sightseeing as well. Pick a map, choose a few locations that sound interesting to you and go on a road trip around Zagreb county. While you’re there, stop to smell the roses, or better yet, stop and go for a swim.


The rivers Kupa and Odra are popular locations for Zagrebians who prefer escaping the city rush and enjoying the sound of crickets while reading books in the shades of trees by these rivers. Both Kupa and Odra are amazing for refreshment, and they give an entirely different experience than Jarun, Bundek or Zagreb’s pools do.  It is laid-back, rural and quaint. Perfect for a lazy summer afternoon.


Photo Credit: Milan Photography


If you’re still more into lakes than rivers, Zagreb county has one in a small town of Zapresic, just a couple of minutes outside of Zagreb. Lake Zajarki is popular among locals because many like to go fishing there, and young people use it for swimming and having parties with friends in nature. Just like Kupa and Odra, this lake is also far from the city rush and surrounded with beautiful nature which will give you a complete zen experience.


Photo Credit: TZGZ Download Zone

Author: Paula Bracko