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Zagreb: A Dog-Friendly Town

If you are lost for ideas on where you can spend time with your pet, and you are tired of your usual spots, don't worry; here is some great news!

Isn't it just great when you know you can take your best four-legged friend with you anywhere you want to? If you're someone like me, who doesn't leave your dog alone for even a second, you've come to the right place - we'll tell you about a few pet-friendly places in the city that you can finally visit with your pet.

It is time for fall adventures

I have to admit that September and October have officially become my two favourite months. After all the summer fun, with the first fallen leaves, Zagreb returns to reality and prepares for new autumn adventures. New events, exciting manifestations - and the city comes alive again

This October, our pets were given a new pass by the Museum of the City of Zagreb, which opened its doors to man's best friend – the dog.

On World Animal Protection Day, October 4, 2022, this museum joined some Croatian, and an increasing number of world museums, that opened their doors to those who love to spend time in the company of their pets.

Now, hand in hand, the Ethnographic Museum, the Museum of Illusions, the Museum of Broken Relationships and the Museum of the City of Zagreb offer the opportunity to replace outside playtime with our pets with a visit to one of the museums.

Of course, it is important to note that each of them sets out the basic rules of visits, that we as owners should adhere to, in order to ensure an enjoyable time for ourselves and our dogs.

Some of the places for daily socializing

Fortunately, these museums are not the only places you can visit with your dog, so I will share a few more places where Daisy and I are regular guests.

 Image Credit: Tea Miloš


The nearest sizeable green area we are always happy to visit is Jarun Lake, which is suitable for every season. Sometimes we prefer longer walks around the lake, and sometimes we go to the Jarun dog park when we are both in the mood for more company.

Some of our favorite activities are walking around Zagreb's "špica" (city center) on the weekends, where we look for the sunniest terraces among the countless places people hang out. Thus, our top 3 cafes include Velvet, Figa Garden and KIC Klub in the very center of the city, which welcome our furry pets with open arms. When we've had enough of the crowds, we'll take a walk in park Ribnjak.

In the evening, we will move to Cooultura Pub, or Old Pharmacy Pub closer to the center. Still, the outdoor terrace of The Garden Brewery, which has a green area reserved for curious paws, often prevails.

More than just four paws

Park Maksimir is an ideal destination if there are more of you going for a walk, because there is plenty of room for everyone - you can choose large green areas, forest paths or gravel paths. We often have lunch at the pizzeria Duksa in Maksimir, famous in that part of town for its pet hospitality.

When we want to surprise our friends, we suggest a walk inside the famous Grički tunnel and then a furnicular ride to Gornji Grad, where you will reach the free Zagreb observation deck on Strossmayer's promenade.

And what about shopping?

Yes, we also go shopping together. Admittedly, the shopping trips are shorter, so we don't get tired, but we still love to spend time together - mostly in Arena Center.

Even though pets are allowed in, there are so many colors and smells, so it is imortant to pay attention to Arena's regulations and rules to make shopping as painless as possible.

The great advantage of that shopping center is that all cafes and terraces are absolutely pet friendly, so we go there for a little break from shopping.

There is always room for more

Zagreb already sounds like a city that gladly accepts pets in its quarters, but I certainly believe there will be more and more new pet-friendly places.

 Image Credit: Tea Miloš

Header image credit: Fotografije Zagreba

Author: Kristina Duvnjak