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Tourists of Zagreb: A Short Visit to the Capital

The first time I heard of Croatia is when I saw a friend's pictures of Plitvice National Park back in 2008. I knew then that I wanted to visit Croatia.
For a start, introduce yourself briefly to us. 

Hi, I'm Rashi from India. I am on a 12 day holiday in Croatia and trying to cover as much ground as possible. When I visit any country, I usually try to spend at least a week there. I work in marketing in India, and I'm passionate about travel and the environment.

How did you choose to visit Croatia and Zagreb? 

The first time I heard of Croatia is when I saw a friend's pictures of Plitvice National Park back in 2008. I knew then that I wanted to visit Croatia. Zagreb, of course, is the capital, so it happened by default that I visited it too thanks to our flights which were through Zagreb.

Image credit: Rashi Goel

Where did you stay and who did you come with?

We spent three nights in Zagreb. Stayed at Apartment Parklife which I booked on - highly recommend this place since it's so close to the main Ilica street. I am traveling with family - my parents and my husband - the four of us.

What were your first impressions of the city? 

Young and bustling in the upper town, quiet everywhere else.

Is Zagreb different from other cities and places you've already visited? If so, tell us those differences.

I would say Zagreb is different because it doesn't come across like a big metropolitan capital city. It still gives the impression of being a small city. I've been to a lot of other European capital cities, in fact, even cities in Asia, and Zagreb was definitely more low key, and I mean this in a good way.

Image credit: Rashi Goel

Do you maybe have a favorite out of all the places which you visited in the city?

Strossmayer promenade was my favorite. Love the sunset view from there, the bars, the music, and the overall vibe of it.

Did you explore the city by yourself or you maybe took a walking tour or some other kind of tour?

We explored mostly by ourselves. I was definitely super impressed by the tourism department guide book which we picked up at the airport. We managed to use that as our guide.

Are Zagreb and Croatia culturally different from your homeland?

Yes, very culturally different as I'm from India.

Did you maybe meet some locals while staying here? Generally speaking, what were your impressions of Zagrebians/Croatians? 

Super friendly, super helpful. Again, nicer than people in most other big cities.

Image credit: Rashi Goel

Did you try any local food and drink specialties in Zagreb? If so, tell us which. 

Truffles. In general Istrian cuisine - mussels, Adriatic shells, pasta, chocolate truffles, risotto, pizza.

We're used to spice-filled food mostly, but this food was good. Friends said that Croatian food is a bit bland, so we came with low expectations. Have to say, we have been happy with the food so far.

Would you visit Croatia and Zagreb again? 

Might be unlikely that we would visit again given that we try to cover a new destination/country each year. But we will surely recommend it to our friends - the country is beautiful.

Header image credit: M. Vrdoljak, TZGZ 

Author: Darija Ilić