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Tourists of Zagreb: Traveling as an Everyday Activity

This month we talked with Jeffrey who was kind enough to share his experience of Zagreb with us. As a part of the international cabin crew, he has flown all around the world in the past year. Here is his view of Zagreb.

I am Jeffrey, I'm from the Philippines, and I work as a cabin crew for a middle east airline company. I love traveling, and my work allows me to be able to explore and travel all around the world. 

In my free time, you can count on seeing me traveling too. But in the company of my friends. I think traveling gives you insights into how diverse life and people all around the world are.

Croatia has always been on my travel bucket list. My work brought me to the beautiful city of Zagreb this January.
I stayed here three times, each time for 24 hours. I was lucky to stay right in the middle of the city center.  Just a few minutes from the Zagreb cathedral.

Image credit: Jeffrey Webb

Did you manage to see Zagreb landmarks in that short time?

With the limited amount of time I had, I have visited only a few sights, but my favorite was seeing Zagreb Cathedral. The architecture and craftsmanship are amazing and majestic.

Another personal favorite was walking through Dolac Market. It was packed with people going through their everyday lives. Plus I bought a lot of fresh seasonal fruits which I brought with me back to Dubai.

What were your first impressions of Zagreb?

It was winter season, and I was not expecting Zagreb to be that cold. But, the place was very relaxed and chilled. As I stayed right smacked in the center of the city, there were a lot of people out and about.

Zagreb has its own distinct image. Since I've traveled a lot and met local people all around the world, I can say that I have met the friendliest and warmest people in Zagreb.

My liking of any cities that I visit purely depends on the people residing in it and Zagreb was a complete surprise in a way. In terms of customer service and kindness of the locals, it really surprised me in a good way.

As I wondered the city on my own, I was not able to meet any local in particular, but from my interactions with the locals in the restaurants, coffee shops and in the market, they all seem very accommodating and friendly.

Image credit: Jeffrey Webb

Was there anything you didn't like about Zagreb?

Nothing much bad to say about Zagreb except that I cannot wait to have some free time and go back and explore the place with more time on my hands. I would love to explore the outskirts of Zagreb and would like to come back in summer just to feel the vibe of the city in a different season.

Header image credit: D. Miloslavić, TZGZ

Author: Darija Ilić