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Presummer vibes: Festivals that will prepare you for the joy of summer

I hope you are as tired of rain and grey weather as I am, because, luckily, only good weather, good vibes, and a handful of events to visit this June are waiting for us.

A new experience, great memories

We are halfway through spring and halfway to summer, which means that the days are getting longer and the temperature is more pleasant for evening socialising. I have to admit that last year I did not fully surrender to these joys of spring, and I regret that I lived some festivals and city events through the stories of others. However, I'm changing everything this year, so I want to share my must-see list for June and where I plan to have a drink with friends or find a good snack.

I believe you all missed shorts and flowing dresses, so come on an adventure with me, through the city's roads and the nearby parks.

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Places you must visit

The first thing that came to mind is Pop Up Summer Garden, in its new edition - Pop Up By The Lake. A little closer to Novi Zagreb, but only a few minutes by bus from Zagreb's central station, you will find Lake Bundek, as well as the festival we are talking about.

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Apart from the super cool cocktails and food, what I like most about the program there is the open-air cinema on Sundays. I won't reveal the list of films, so you can check for yourself what is playing. I admit that I can already see myself having a drink while listening to a DJ, on a Sunday afternoon, followed by lying on a blanket in the grass with a picnic, while watching a movie.

Honestly, can it get any better? The summer idyll has started.

Another famous Zagreb lake, Jarun, is hosting another great festival, all about excellent food. I mean, the name - Food Truck Festival says it all. I heard, of course, that it was really fun last year, and this year I am looking forward to experiencing it myself, and eating a good burger- everyone's first association with this festival.

The Food Truck Festival is on until June 18th. Try to devote at least one day to hanging out with the team behind the excellent street food you will find on the menu this year. A bit of warning - I have one recommendation for you; arm yourselves with mosquito repellent to make your evenings as enjoyable as possible.

A festival a day keeps the boredom away

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We started with nature, so let's continue with it, but a little closer to the centre.

Listen up wine lovers! A festival just for you awaits at Trg Franje Tuđmana from June 15th until July 2nd. I've already gotten my guide for this festival, as I really like to see what's on offer from different varieties of wine. It is a perfect warm up for the many summer evenings spent sipping wine on the terrace.

You can also immerse yourselves in the magical notes of wine and a good atmosphere, thanks to Vinart and Wine City!

Another exciting place that you can visit is the main Dolac market in Zagreb. As part of the PLACe market project, from June 2nd, you will have the opportunity to experience the so-called "night market" once a week. This means Dolac will become a natural stage in the evening where a rich gastronomic offer will be presented. From farm to the table, this experience will be interesting for everyone.

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Have fun!

With so many places to choose from, I do not know where to start. Each festival will bring something unique, and we will have the opportunity to enjoy each one with our loved ones. If you didn't know about all the amazing places that await you in our beautiful city, now I've told you, so you have no excuse not to go.

You know your friends and family best, so you will know the best places to take each of them.

I recommend you do so and use every moment of socialising to create valuable memories.

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Author: Kristina Duvnjak