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In love with love, another year in a row!

Hey there, lovebirds, did you find yourself in my city just before Valentine's Day? It may not be Paris, but Zagreb is definitely a city of love – see why!

As Cupid prepares to take aim and love saturates the air, why not join me on a whimsical adventure through Zagreb, where romance blossoms around every bend?

With Valentine's Day 2024 right around the corner, Zagreb is buzzing with excitement, offering a treasure trove of enchanting experiences just waiting to be explored by you and your sweetheart. So, come along as we discover the most romantic hideaways and delectable delights to make this special day one to remember.

A small gesture of attention for great love

Let's start our romantic journey by picking up a special gift for your date. And what better way to express love than with a beautiful bouquet or a thoughtful souvenir?

First, head to Dolac Market or Cvjetni trg, there you'll find a dazzling array of flowers in every shade imaginable, perfect for conveying your love. From delicate roses to vibrant tulips, the options are endless.

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But wait, there's more magic to be found!

One of the most iconic gifts you can give is the licitar heart, a traditional symbol of love and affection in Croatian culture. Originally crafted from honey dough and decorated with colorful icing, these hearts are beautiful and carry a deep cultural significance. By giving your beloved a licitar heart, you're not just offering a gift but also sharing a piece of Zagreb's rich heritage. And if you don't find the sweet one, just around the main square, you can always find a souvenir shop with wooden ones, even with your names on it.

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Love, love, love…

Ah, they say the way to the heart is through the stomach, and nowhere is that truer than at Zinfandels in Esplanade Hotel. This Valentine's Day, prepare to be swept off your feet as you enter a world of luxury and romance. Every detail is meticulously crafted here to ignite the flames of passion, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

Picture this - a candlelit dinner filled with culinary delights that satisfy your taste buds and speak to your soul. From the first sip of the Love Poison cocktail, expertly concocted by Master Mixologist Vjenceslav Madić, to the last bite of Chef Ana Grgić Tomić's exquisite creations, each moment celebrates love and devotion. And as you savor every morsel, let the enchanting melodies of pianist Marina Matolić serenade you, adding an extra touch of magic to the evening.

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If you're looking for something a little more unconventional, Zonar Zagreb has got you covered. This urban oasis of style and sophistication offers the perfect setting for couples who dare to be different. Picture a four-course culinary journey at Bubbles restaurant, where each dish is a work of art designed to tantalize your taste buds and ignite your senses.

And after dinner, why not retire to your room for a bubbly bath experience? It's the perfect way to unwind and reconnect in the privacy of your own space, away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. So escape the ordinary this Valentine's Day and indulge in a night to remember at Zonar Zagreb.

Oh, the sweet love!

No Valentine's Day would be complete without indulging in a sweet treat with your sweetheart. If you don't feel like having a whole dinner together, you can always stroll to Meet Mia or Jolie Patisserie and discover their tempting selection of confections crafted with love and care. Indulge in desserts shaped like hearts, brimming with shades of pink and red, and flavors that surpass any sweet treat you've ever tasted.

From decadent chocolates to delicate pastries, these local patisseries are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and add a touch of sweetness to your Valentine's Day celebrations. So, why not treat yourselves to something delicious and make this day even more memorable?

A walk before dinner or vice versa? You choose.

Start your romantic city exploration by taking in the breathtaking views from one of Zagreb's iconic spots on the plateau of Gornji grad. And what better way to seal the moment than with a tender kiss at one of the city's most romantic spots?

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Then, make your way down to the Zakmardi stairs, where love locks adorn the railings, each one telling a story of enduring love. Take a moment to add your own lock, symbolizing your commitment to each other. As you stand there, surrounded by love's whispers, let the moment's magic wash over you.

p.s. right in front of the fence, you will also find a specially marked "Kissing spot "on the floor

Zagreb is also home to charming parks and gardens perfect for a romantic rendezvous. Stroll through Zrinjevac's leafy paths or wander hand in hand through Maksimir Park, where the gentle breeze adds a touch of enchantment to our outing. The carved initials of couples who spent a lot of time there also speak of the popularity of city and park love benches.

And when the evening chill sets in, fear not! Zagreb's cozy cafes and intimate bistros offer the perfect refuge. Snuggle up together with a warm drink and watch the world go by outside.

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Every moment in Zagreb is a chance to write your love story. So, whether you're admiring the city lights from a romantic spot, adding your love lock to the Zakmardi stairs, or simply enjoying each other's company, allow Zagreb to weave its magic into the fabric of your love. You will not be disappointed.


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