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Feel the Zagreb Vibe - Visit Cest Is D Best 2023

One of Croatia's most eagerly awaited street festivals, Cest is d Best, is right around the corner! If you've already had the chance to visit Zagreb's colorful streets at this time, you know what I'm talking about. However, if you have not visited this festival yet, here is why you should visit it this year.

A Little Bit About The History

For over the last three decades, the streets of Zagreb have come alive with the sounds of music, laughter, and celebration during the annual Cest is d Best festival. From its humble beginnings in the early 1990s, the festival has grown to become one of the city's most beloved cultural events, drawing in crowds of locals and tourists alike each year.

The first Cest is d Best festival took place in 1997, with just a handful of performers and a small crowd of onlookers. But despite its modest beginnings, the festival quickly gained a reputation as a must-see event, with its eclectic mix of music, dance, street performances, and food, drawing in bigger and bigger crowds each year.

Image Credit: Fotografije Zagreba

For many Zagrebians, Cest is d Best has become a beloved tradition, a time to come together with friends and family to celebrate the city's rich cultural heritage. The festival is a chance to let loose and have fun, forget about the stresses and worries of everyday life, and enjoy the moment.

Of course, the festival has its challenges. As the crowds have grown more prominent and the festival has become more popular, there have been concerns about issues like noise pollution and crowd control. But for most Zagrebians, these concerns pale in comparison to the joy and sense of community that Cest is d Best brings to the city each year.

Cest Really Is The Best

Cest is d Best festival, held annually in Zagreb in late May, is one of Croatia's most anticipated street festivals. As a regular attendee, I can attest to the festival's unique atmosphere, exciting performances, and delightful food and drink offerings.

This year's festival promises to be just as exciting as the previous editions. With over 100 performances spread across four days, visitors can expect diverse entertainment. The festival caters to all ages, with various activities designed for children and families, including puppet shows, workshops, and face painting.

Image Credit: Fotografije Zagreba

For music lovers, Cest is d Best never disappoints. The festival's music lineup features a mix of local and international acts, covering a range of genres from jazz and blues to electronic and world music. Last year's edition featured some mesmerizing performances that left the audience spellbound by the improvisational music. For dancers like me, this is the perfect opportunity for a spontaneous street dance to the pleasant sounds of instruments, just like we were in a movie .

Aside from the music and performances, Cest is d Best is renowned for its fantastic street food and drinks. Zagrebian vendors set up stalls selling delicious traditional Croatian dishes, including grilled meat, seafood, vegetarian and vegan options. Visitors can also sample local craft beers, wines, and cocktails.

But the festival is more than just food and music. It's an opportunity for the city to come alive and showcase its vibrant culture and creativity. The festival transforms the streets of Zagreb into a colorful and bustling hub of activities, with performers and artists occupying every available space. From acrobats and jugglers to magicians and street dancers, there is always something to see and enjoy.

Image Credit: Fotografije Zagreba

One of my fondest memories of the festival was stumbling upon a street artist creating a massive mural on the side of a building. I stood there mesmerized, as he brought his art to life, stroke by stroke, his passion, and talent evident in every line.

New Festival, New Experience

Overall, last year's Cest is d Best festival was a true celebration of culture and creativity, showcasing the very best of Zagreb's arts and entertainment scene. The festival's ability to bring together artists, performers, and audiences from all walks of life is a testament to the city's inclusivity and open-mindedness. I can't wait to see what the festival has in store for us this year. I know, however, that it will be another unforgettable experience.

Image Credit: Fotografije Zagreba


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Author: Kristina Duvnjak