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Best Insta-worthy Spots in Zagreb

Pics, or it doesn't count! Make the best of your visit to Zagreb and take the best photos that will conquer your social networks. There are a million perfect locations all over Zagreb and here are a couple of the best places promising awesome Instagram shots.

First, a disclaimer: let's be real, Instagram is one of the most popular social network platforms for uploading pictures and with a little help of filters, it is easy to take some great photos. What follows next are some locations that can help you explore the wonders of Zagreb and be creative.

The historical core of the city is a jewel, especially when it comes to taking great pictures. The roof of St. Marc's church is a colorful mosaic of Zagreb's and Croatia's emblems. As a symbol of Zagreb, it is an inevitable stop when visiting the Upper Town. Zoom in on the tiles laid to represent the coat of arms of Zagreb and the Triune Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia, and Dalmatia. 

Image credit: Karla Knezevic


If you are a modern art lover, you will definitely be amazed by the whale mural on an abandoned glass building designed by Raul Goldoni. The mere building is a bit sad and in poor condition, so the beautiful graffiti revives it. The mural was made by a French artist Etien' in autumn 2015 as a manifestation of the artistic White Night event. This year, a gigantic sea turtle joined the whale, this time as a floor fresco.


 Image credit: Karla Knezevic


One of the most romantic things when travelling is finding a good spot to seal your wishes ad good thought with a padlock. Usually those spots are bridges which add a dramatic tone to it, but Zagreb has a different wonderful spot, with a view of the Cathedral. Lockdown your feelings on the fence of the Upper town and take a shot of it for a nice memory.

Image credit: Karla Knezevic


Proceed along the Strossmayer's promenade, take a photo of downtown Zagreb from the perspective of the funicular and then descend to Art Park – a park of art installations, good vibes, and awesome events. It is impossible not to find an Instagram-worthy shot!

Once you passed the Art Park and the funicular, cross one of the biggest streets - Ilica Street and go through Oktogon, an urban passageway connecting Ilica and the Floral Square (Petar Preradović Square). Oktogon got its name actually due to the octagonal atrium in the middle with a beautiful glass roof. So stop in the middle of the atrium, point your camera to the ceiling and snap the kaleidoscopic roof. Watch out for the pidgeons though, and their lethal weapon shooting from above!

Image credit: Karla Knezevic


Another Insta-worthy passage is the one relatively recently discovered – the one connecting Bakačeva and Cesarčeva Street, next to the European Square. Once forgotten, abandoned and functioning as a garbage disposal, it is now a lovely hidden location that turns into a tourist attraction during the Christmas time.

Image credit: Karla Knezevic


One of the most popular locations for diverse photo shoots is Meštrović's Pavilion or the Mosque. The inside is a cult place for art exhibitons, and the outside is a cult place for taking great photos. The tall piers and the white stone create a playground for the sunlight. While you're there, try to find a fun grafitti on the ground, on the side with a view of the Cathedral. You'll see words that say Mjesto za ljubljenje (eng. kissing place). I think it is pretty obviouse how this makes a good photo spot.

Image credits: Karla Knezevic 

All in all, I feel the need to tell you that these locations are just one of many lovely spots all over Zagreb. Go out there, look around to see the whimsical details of the city and have fun! Then when you catch some wi-fi, upload your memories and cherish them until your next visit.

P.S. Don't forget the hashtags #zagreb and #lovezagreb!


Header image credit: Karla Knezevic

Author: Karla Knezevic