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This Is Zagreb: Humanitarians For Health Workers

April was a tough month but there are some positive things to remember it for. One of them are inspiring initiatives for healthcare workers. Read the blog post below and find out more. #ZagrebLovesYou

As we all know, one of the most affected groups during the Coronavirus pandemic are health workers. These people were and still are at the frontline every single day. They are the ones taking care of those in need and I can’t even imagine under what kind of pressure they were during past weeks.

So, I applaud every single doctor, nurse, and any other healthcare worker who gave their everything, during last month but also every day working in the healthcare sector. Because of that, I listed a few amazing initiatives for the healthcare workers which went on in April. When I take a look at this past month this is what I'll remember it for because they are a prime example of what giving back to community means. 

Free burgers for doctors and nurses

Submarine, a popular Zagrebian burger chain, has had a fantastic reaction to coronavirus pandemic and helping those who worked the hardest during COVID-19 pandemic. 

"From the very beginning of the crisis, we wanted to get somehow involved and help. Social sensitivity and concern for the community in which we operate are firmly embedded in our DNA. After meeting the whole team, we decided to at least slightly brighten the busy day for the intensive care doctors at the Zagreb Infectious Diseases Clinic, Fran Mihaljević. We will deliver food as long as we can, and we are very fortunate to have been able to retain all our employees. “ - said Mr. Dragoljub Bozović, the CEO of Submarine Burger in his interview for tportal.

He also extended the call to all the other food businesses that can do the same.  “We would like to invite all food service providers and other catering companies to take part, as far as possible, in the delivery of free meals to healthcare professionals who care for patients every day with great care.” - Bozovic said for tportal. 

Personally, I think this was an amazing idea worth applauding. Submarine has been my favourite burger place in town since its opening. It always stood out with fresh and organic ingredients and fantastic service. Now, as a customer, I can say I love it even more and I would really love to see this kind of social awareness more present in other brands and businesses in the future. 

Submarine burgers 

Image credit: Darija Ilić

Uber donates 2000 free rides to Croatian hospitals

One of the global companies which also reacted locally to provide help to health workers is Uber. As tportal writes, Uber has donated 2000 free rides to Croatian hospital staff. The rides were used by all hospital staff going to work and from work and the donation included many health institutions in Zagreb like KBC Zagreb, KBC Sestre Milosrdnice, Clinic for tumours, KB Sveti Duh, KB Dubrava, KB Merkur, KIB Dr. Fran Mihaljević. 

“Amazing nurses, doctors, and hospital staff are doing a fantastic job at the front line dealing with this crisis, and all of us in Uber want to thank them for the superhuman efforts they make. We hope that in this way - by offering them transport - we can help them at least a little bit, given that they work day and night tirelessly.” - said Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber CEO for tportal.

Image credit: M. Vrdoljak, TZGZ

Free accommodation for health workers in self-isolation

Last but not least is a Zagrebian company named Irundo. It is a company that works in the rental and accommodation industry.  “In our most difficult moments of basically no business, when all our apartments are empty, we came up with the idea to use full business inactivity and to be humanitarian.” - said Igor Kordic, co-owner of Irundo for hrturizam.hr portal.

In April, Irundo decided to offer free accommodation, within their capacities, to all health workers in self-isolation due to coronavirus.  "We want to actively participate in the fight against the pandemic and help healthcare professionals to cope more easily with this extremely challenging situation to protect their families from the further transmission of the virus." - emphasized Kordic for hrturizam.hr.

Image credit: S. Uštulica, TZGZ

Positive outlook for the future

As I already said, these are just a few beautiful examples of helping those that worked at the front line during the last month. I was truly inspired while reading about these amazing ideas that were quickly brought to life, and it really gave me hope and strength during those uncertain times.

It really is easier to go through bad times together and now that life is slowly going back to normal and restrictions are getting looser I hope we will keep this sense of community and togetherness in Zagreb. I know we are all more than ready to go outside, meet up with friends and enjoy coffees in our favourite cafes again but make sure to stay cautious when doing so. Social distancing is still here and if we don't want to go back to quarantine we better take it seriously. :) 

Header image credit: J. Duval, TZGZ

Author: Darija Ilić