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From Our Balconies With Love

The beauty is indeed hidden in the little things, and everyone can find it in their surroundings every day. #ZagrebBalconies #DreamNowTravelLater #ZagrebLovesYou

As social distancing was in full force during April and we all had to stay indoors, social media was full of interesting campaigns. One that I really loved was #ZagrebBalconies by Tourist Board Of Zagreb. They asked Zagrebians to send in a photo from their balconies and show how they spend their time at home. You can see all the pictures here.

Image credit: Brigita Radanović Mavračić, Love Zagreb

#ZagrebBalconies in photos

Looking through all these photos submitted really gave me a chance to see our beautiful city from a different perspective. It reminded me, during hard times last month, that even though we all had to stay in our homes, the beauty is indeed hidden in the little things, and everyone can find it in their surroundings every day.

Through the photos, I was able to dive into the everyday life of my fellow Zagrebians in this unusual situation. See their favourite place to drink morning coffee, watch the sunset, or admire the city’s skyline from rooftop. There's nothing more I love to do in my free time than people watching. It gives me insight in everyday little things people do. These photos gave me exactly that but through internet. :)

Image credit: Davor Goll, Love Zagreb

My Perspective

I was also inspired to take part in the #ZagrebBalconies campaign. So, just below, you can see a picture from my balcony. It is indeed my favorite part of my home. As it gets warmer in the spring, we practically live on it until the colder autumn days come in October. I was indeed thankful more than ever to have it during self-isolation days last month. It's a bit easier to spend days outside on the balcony or in our very green garden.

As Zagarebians, we all have been through so much over the last month. But, throughout all these hardships, I can feel that we are indeed all connected, and I'm happy to live in such a strong community. Our city, and people in it, have proven so many times before to have a heart of gold, and this is just another story for the history books.

Image credit: Darija Ilić

Slowly getting back to life

In the end, Zagreb is its citizens. We all make this city with our behaviour, habits, and much more. By staying home last month we also made it a safer place. As the restrictions get looser now and people are slowly getting back to their old routines we have to remember to stay cautious and still respect all the measures of social distancing when outside. I hope that soon all these troubles will be behind us, and our beloved city will be bustling with events and people again. Both Zagrebians and our dear guests.

Image credit: Andrea Stalcar Furac, Love Zagreb

Header image credit: D. Rostuhar, TZGZ