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Discover The Magical Light & Musical Programme at Zagreb Fountains

Treat yourself to a magical light & musical programme at Zagreb Fountains this summer!

By now you know that Zagreb is a gorgeous city with many beautiful places to visit. You can choose among visiting numerous museums, events on attractive locations, glorious historical buildings and preserved nature. The beauty of these sites is enhanced with numerous fountains where you can make a wish or take a nice artistic shot. One can say that Zagreb has a special bond with the fountains. The legend has it that Zagreb got its name due to most famous historical water spring, now a fountain, Madusevac, which you'll find on the Ban Jelacic main city square. A tired knight asked a local girl Manda to fetch him some water from the spring. He said: 'Manda, dear, grab me some water!'. The name of the local girl, Manda, became the name of the spring, and the word 'grab', on Croatian 'zagrabi' over time, with slight moderations, became the name of the city of Zagreb. There is actually no valid proof for this legend, but it's interesting and fun to hear!

Aside from Mandusevac, did you know that Zagreb has around 46 fountains? All of them are designed by renowned designers and architects. One of the numerous fountains is quite fascinating by itself, but in harmony with music & light programme, it becomes a breathtaking view and material for making great memories. That fountain is actually a whole series of fountains on one location and has several elements of water attractions. They are called Zagreb Fountains, and I'll tell you why you should visit them!


Zagreb Fountains

Amazing Zagreb Fountains are located on Hrvatske Bratske Zajednice Street, opposite the National and University Library. Crisscrossed with green, regularly maintained meadows, paths, and benches to sit on, they represent an excellent choice for relaxation and listening to the calming sound of water during the day. You'll find many people there taking a walk and admiring the beauty of the fountains. But, during the summer, fountains are a place for refreshment! Even though it's forbidden to dip your legs in them, many Zagrebians do that anyway. I did it too because I couldn't resist. Pssst, don't tell anyone!

As the night grows darker, the fountains become more beautiful with various coloured lights that make them visible from a distance. The lights create a romantic atmosphere and reveal their beauty in all its glory. Now get ready for some exciting news! During the weekends, from Friday till Sunday, starting from 9 p.m. until 11 p.m., you'll have an opportunity to be a part of unique light & musical programme every full hour for 15 minutes! A magical mixture of lights, music, and water that follows the rhythm of the music is something you really need to see. This programme is designed to make Zagreb a part of European 'family' along with Rome, Prague, Barcelona, and Budapest.


Image Credit: Tajana Pran


The music that makes the fountains dance is chosen in consultation with the experts from the Academy of Music in Zagreb. Compositions you'll hear are 'Ban Jelacic's mars' by Johann Strauss and 'Zavrsno kolo' from Croatian most popular opera 'Ero s onoga svijeta' by Jakov Gotovac performed by Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra.

Ivan Knezovic is a designer and scenographer who made the concept of the whole programme. If you ask me, he did an outstanding job! In the first part of the programme, the jumps of the water are more subtle, with the music imposed in the perpetual cycle of passing cavalry and glory to the homeland, all in accordance with the Ban Jelacic's mars composition. The dance of the water in the second part of the programme is also in correlation with the original choreography of the opera Ero s onoga svijeta, here depicted in glorious rotations and flat surfaces of water jumps. 


Image Credit: Tajana Pran


I visited Zagreb Fountains last Saturday and was absolutely amazed by the programme. I arrived around 7 p.m. while it was still bright outside and I brought a bottle of cold orange juice with me because the day was hot. While I sipped on my juice, I watched people with children and dogs playing around the fountains and in them, too. They splashed water all around, but it didn't bother me because of the cheerful, relaxed atmosphere. As the nightfall was approaching, people started to gather around and waited for the programme to start. Then the programme started at 9 p.m. sharp, and I felt the excitement right away. The perfect combination of water, lights and astonishing music took me to some wonderful world where everything is magical and amazing. I highly recommend visiting Zagreb Fountains both during the day and night, especially at the weekends when the programme takes place. You can thank me later!


Header Image Credit: J. Duval, TZGZ Download Zone

Author: Tajana Pran