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Due to obvious circumstances, many people choose to explore the countryside and spend more time in nature. It is a perfect way of avoiding large crowds of people and an even better way of spending time outside of your house or flat.

When we think of vacation, our thoughts often go directly towards some exotic destination filled with palm trees and crystal blue waters. But, nowadays, planning a trip to distant places has become just a dream. At least for most people. Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world, and traveling nowadays seems almost impossible. But this situation has given us some time to explore places around us which are close by and available at this moment.

Many people choose to explore the countryside and spend more time in nature. It is a perfect way of avoiding large crowds of people and an even better way of spending time outside of your house or flat.

Because of this, I decided to make a shortlist of a few beautiful holiday homes in the Zagrebian region, which are perfect for a relaxed weekend away from the city. You can find the whole list of houses to rent at the Zagreb info webpage. Below are my personal favorites divided into two categories depending on their style.

Old but always gold

If you’re looking to spend a weekend or a few days of vacation in an old house with lots of character, we have a few to recommend. Kuća sunca (eng. the House of Sun) is an old but renovated vacation house located on the hills near Zagreb. Its colorful details like entrance doors, decor, and wooden furniture will make you feel like you’ve been transported to another universe. It is a perfect escape to nature in any season. My favorite place in the house is the outside patio from where you can enjoy absolutely stunning view. I would say, a perfect place for relaxing after a day spent outside enjoying the surrounding nature.

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Another great house with an old soul is Dedina kućica (eng. the House of Grandpa). As you can see from the name itself. :) It is also situated on the Medvedica hills in the neighborhood Borčec. The whole house is kind of unique. It was built in the 1950s from the natural stone taken from the nearby quarry. Every stone was selected and handpicked, and this makes it really special. The house was completely renovated during 2017 and 2018 when it was decorated in the rustic style, which fits it perfectly. As the owners say on the website, they highlighted little details that make the house different and take its visitors back in time.

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One of my favorites from this list is Sunčani apartments. The perfect word to describe this holiday home is quirky. Do you know the famous children's story about Hansel and Gretel? Well, my first impression was that this is the house from the story. It seems like every item in this house tells its own story, and to me personally, this kind of accommodations are such gems. Sometimes you get a far more beautiful experience staying in this kind of house, with its own history, than staying in regular hotel rooms or resorts.

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This leads us to the Eko Kuća Trpuci, a last one in this list of my recommendations. It is a beautiful estate located in Vukomeričke gorice, just a bit outside Zagreb. This stunning house will offer you a truly traditional feel of life like it once was in the region Turopolje. It is surrounded by unspoiled nature and even more beautiful views of the lake, which you can enjoy from the house porch.

A few modern villas 

I know not everyone loves the old and rustic style, so I’ve selected a few modern houses for this list. These holiday homes have both nature and all the modern necessities mixed with stylish design. So, let’s start.

Beautiful Vila Klara has immediately caught my eye. It is decorated in a sort of mix of traditional and modern styles. It has stunning views, spacious rooms, and, for warmer months, a pool. I can really see myself spending quality time with my boyfriend, friends, or family on this beautiful balcony and just enjoying life. I can also imagine competitive tournaments going on in the room with table tennis. :) 

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From table tennis, we’re going to golf. If you’re a lover of this sport, then I have the right match for you. Golf Villas Zagreb are situated right by Zagreb’s biggest golf course. You can literally wake up every morning looking over the immaculately cut green golf course, small lakes, and beautiful Medvednica Nature Park. Not a bad view, agree? These villas are designed in modern style, and I love how they are not too big, but you still get absolutely everything you need and even more. I would say this is every golf lover dream vacation spot right there.

In the end, we come to Villa Snow Queen. It is another beautiful and spacious modern villa, located just a bit outside Zagreb. I really love the dark wooden floors used in the décor throughout the house. They give the whole house that luxurious feel. The house also has an outside pool that can be used in warmer months. You can also enjoy the outside patio and barbecue station, perfect for family or friends’ gatherings.

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And that would be it. I hope you enjoyed my list of beautiful holiday homes in Zagreb and its surroundings. If you’re visiting Zagreb definitely take them into account. Sometimes staying in an accommodation that is not a hotel or hostel room really gives you a different feel of the place you’re visiting. It is also nice to have a backyard, lots of green space, and surroundings to explore right in front of your doorstep.

Header image credit: M. Gašparović, TZGZ

Author: Darija Ilić