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Discover Zagreb Theater Scene Through Kids' Eyes

Zagreb has a lot of kid friendly theaters and in this text we are naming just a few of them and what they have to offer in case you want to pay them a visit with your little one.

Zagreb has no shortage of kid-friendly theaters in which you can not only spend quality time with your whole family but also get to know the city differently. Some of the most popular Zagreb children theaters are Kazalište Trešnja, Zagrebačko kazalište lutaka, and Žar ptica. These theaters and many others have a special place in hearts of many Zagrebians that grew up in the city and visited these theaters as little boys and girls. Whether it was on their kindergarten and school trips or with their parents and grandparents, I am sure just like me, they have a lot of warm memories tied to these places.

Image credit: M. Vrdoljak, TZGZ

Naj, naj,naj Festival

The name of this Festival is not easy to translate, but my best attempt would be something like: The most, most, most amazing Festival. It is a Festival that The City Theater Žar Ptica hs been organizing for the last 18 years and the aim of it is to offer the best of the Croatian and international children theater production and present the performances during the spring school holidays. I think this is an absolutely amazing way for the kids to spend their spring break in an interesting and creative way. This year it will be held from April 4th to April 8th so if you're in town with your kids, I recommend it. I'll definitely take my little cousin to see some of the plays as this kid-friendly atmosphere is a great way to spark an interest in theater in the little ones.

Interactive programs for kids in the Zagreb Puppet Theater

The Zagreb Puppet Theater, established in 1948 is the oldest professional puppet theater in Croatia. It offers shows that are interesting not only to kids but also to their parents. Alongside their rich show program, this theater also offers three interactive programs in which kids can take part as an amazing way to spend their free time. These programs include creative workshops for kids of kindergarten and primary school age where they create characters before or after they watch a theater show and they can also learn about basic animation or participate in acting workshops with professionals.

Dance workshop in Theater Trešnja

Theater Trešnja is for sure one of the most popular children theaters in Zagreb. For me, its unique and colorful building always brings me back to the childhood and all the times I visited it with my family or on school trips. I remember I was always so fascinated with it as a kid and that memory of fascination is still with me to this day. Fun fact is that the word trešnja in Croatian means cherry so as a kid it was always interesting to me how a theater can be named same as a kind of fruit! Theater Trešnja also offers acting and dance workshops for kids ages 6 to 18. These workshops are not only focused on the final showcase but also on creating a sense of community, mutual respect and building self-confidence and a positive picture of yourself. I think these kind of programs are an amazing way of creating a positive environment for children and young adults where they can freely express themselves.

Now that you're armed with information about Zagreb's children theaters prepare your little one and visit them. I'm sure neither of you will regret it!

Header image credit: M. Gašparović, TZGZ

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