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Art, Wine and Fun Time

If you're visiting Zagreb and looking for an interesting activity to fill out your evening, we have a perfect suggestion for you. Read the text below and find out everything about Paint & Wine workshops that just started in Zagreb.

Pineli & Vino is a totally new concept of a fun evening activity when it comes to Zagreb nightlife. This painting party offers you a lesson in painting while enjoying the unlimited amount of high-quality Croatian wine. It sounds like fun, doesn't it? :)

Even though this concept has already gained popularity in countries like the USA and Canada, it is just becoming a part of the offer in many European cities. So naturally, when something new happens in our capital, we are there first. To explore it and, of course, report back to you.

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Basic info

The classes are held in Art Bottega, located in the Zagreb city center at 64A Palmotićeva street. If you're like me worried that you don't have any painting talent whatsoever, don't be. That's where the wine kicks in. ;)

On a serious note, these classes are intended for non-professionals. The Art Bottega team consists of three professional artists who will take you through the fun journey of finding your inner Picasso. As they say, the goal is to have fun in a different setting and learn a new skill or two. If you paint the new Mona Lisa along the way, it's a bonus. Pinelli & Vino is the first Wine and Paint studio in Croatia. The idea started in Split, where the first studio was opened, and now the second one is opened in Zagreb, too.

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In my opinion, it is a perfect way to meet new people if you've just moved to Zagreb or you're visiting the city. Also, if you want to have a fun evening with your friends or if you're planning a hen party or celebrating a birthday this is an original way of celebration.

When I heard about these classes, I suggested two of my best friends that we go and give it a try. They immediately liked the idea. The class reservation part is very easy. You can visit the webpage of Art Bottega here, look for the dates that best fit your schedule and book your seat. You can even contact the staff via WhatsApp if you have any unanswered questions.

Image credit: private archive - Wine and Paint

How it all looks at the spot?

My experience was absolutely amazing. As soon as you step into the venue, you're offered a glass of wine. So, we were won over from the start. Feel free to sip as much as you like through the rest of the night as wine is for free - all included in the price of the class ticket.

Another bonus is that if you're a tourist,  this is a perfect way to try out some of the best Croatian wines, mostly from Dalmatian winemakers. For those who do not drink alcohol, there are also soft drinks available.  The next step is finding your seat. The lovely host will take you to your place and explain to you what you will actually do or better say, paint. 

As I said, I can't say I'm a talented painter but I felt extremely comfortable during the whole experience. And even surprised myself with the end result on the canvas. The atmosphere is amazing, and the staff is more than helpful. If you get stuck in some part, they will come to you and suggest ways to finish your painting in the best possible way. It was really fun to enjoy the whole process as I haven't really tried to paint anything since the art classes in primary school. Also, painting a picture following the instructions was surprisingly relaxing, and I'd recommend it to everyone. You're just listening to the "teacher" and kind of get lost in the process.

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What will you paint?

Every class has its own theme, but you're free to explore your artistic side within it. Don't expect a class like at school because this is more like a fun get together of wine and art lovers. The hosts usually talk in English, but they told us that they, combined, speak five languages, so don't be surprised if you hear your own language during the night.

Your ticket also includes all the material needed to create your own painting masterpiece. The blank canvas, paint, and brushes will all wait for you at the seat so all you have to bring is good spirits.

Image credit: private archive -  Wine and Paint

One tip from me at the end is, book your tickets in advance. The number of seats is limited, so if you know that you'll be visiting Zagreb and really want to experience these classes, make sure to make a reservation. The same goes for locals. The venue fills out pretty quickly. Lastly, you get to take your finished painting home as a reminder and a fond memory. What better souvenir could you ask for? :)

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Author: Darija Ilić