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5 Zagreb Instagram Accounts to Follow

Need some inspiration for your upcoming trip to Zagreb? Follow these Instagram profiles and note down all the beautiful places to see.

If you’re planning a trip to Zagreb and need inspiration on what to see and where to go, you’re at the right place. We’ve prepared a list of five Instagram profiles with beautiful pictures of our capital which will inspire you and make you fall in love with this city.

So, let’s start.

Learn some facts

With over 38 thousand followers, Zagrebfacts is one of the most popular Instagram profiles featuring beautiful photos of Zagreb. It shows the city through a unique collection of photos giving you a real picture and feel of it. It is also an educational profile because some of the posts are dedicated to old Zagreb slang words which are still being used by the older generations of Zagrebianas. They are often a mix of old Croatian and German language and make a fun game for followers who always try to guess their true meaning.

If you don’t understand Croatian, you can still enjoy beautiful pictures of the city and use the translation button under the posts to understand what caption is saying. Even born and raised Zagrebians learn new things from these posts which are full of interesting facts as the name itself suggests.

Image credit: IG Zagrebfacts, PHOTO by @hunjavela

A different perspective

If you want a really unique perspective on our capital, we suggest following account Zagreb.from.above. It showcases amazing photos of Zagreb shot with a drone. For Zagrebians, these photos are awe-inspiring because they give a completely different and new perspective on well-known places in the city.

For those who haven’t yet visited Zagreb, this profile will give stunning views of main city attractions but also some lesser-known places which may end up on your Zagreb must-visit list. The one thing that I, as a born and raised Zagrebian, got from this profile is the fact that Zagreb actually is a really green city. And by green, I mean full of beautiful green surfaces in all areas of the city. Compared to other capitals around the world, that is a fact with which we can truly be proud of, and you can clearly get that green feeling when scrolling through this amazing profile.

Image credit: IG zagreb.from.above

A face of the city

If you’re traveling to Zagreb soon and you just want to scroll through amazing pictures of the city, visit profile lice_grada. As it says in its profile description, it will give you a daily dose of Zagreb and cure your curiosity about how the city looks.

Profile lice_grada is an extension of web-portal which writes about all the things related to Zagreb and what’s happening in it. It mostly pictures beautiful locations from the city center and Upper Town. Also, there are pretty amazing scenes from different events held throughout the years. Pictures of people smiling, having fun, dancing are always my favorite because they seem to capture the real emotion of the moment. And these represent precisely that.

Image credit: IG @lice_grada

Little history lesson

This is another great example of how to introduce history to the Instagram generation. Through series of stunning Zagreb photos, profile owner Barbara Grgić is telling us hidden stories of Zagreb buildings, squares, and parks. As Barbara said in her interview for "The Beli Zagreb Grad project was created in 2017 when I was looking for a first job. I was studying Croatian and Latin, but I also formed a passion for social networks and digital marketing. Volunteering experience was not enough - I needed to have something to stand out among other ambitious students. So I decided to combine the theoretical knowledge I gained in college and the skills acquired through volunteering into a project to digitize Zagreb's cultural and political history. "

Today, her profile has over 13 thousand followers who enjoy beautiful pictures and stories behind them. Again, if you don’t know Croatian but you’re interested in finding out what are captions saying just click on the translation button underneath them. They’re usually quite accurate.

Image credit: IG beli.zagreb.grad

Zagreb... once upon a time

In the end, we come to the profile stari_zagreb or in translation old Zagreb. After you’ve enjoyed scrolling through all the beautiful, modern-day pictures of Zagreb on the previous profiles, we give you something different.

This profile shows amazing old photos of Zagreb as it once was. The caption of every photo tells you which location is pictured and in which year. As a Zagrebian, it is exciting to see how much these locations have changed throughout the years. But, I think that they convey a nostalgic feel of past times, so it is definitely my recommendation to enjoy this fantastic feed.

Image credit: IG @stari_zagreb

Header image credit: D. Miloslavić, TZGZ

Author: Darija Ilić